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Stolz dürfen wir verkünden, dass der neue Vorstand für den SV Schweiger Reutte gewählt wurde. 🔵⚽️⚪️

Der neue Vorstand setzt sich nun aus - - -

Obmann: Markus Müller
Obmann Stlv.: Andreas Rumpf
Schriftführer: Phillip Günther
Schriftführer Stlv.: Gernot Seeber
Kassierin: Carolin Hauser
Kassier Stlv.: Marko Vukadinovic
Sportlicher Leiter: Pascal Mayor
Sportlicher Leiter Stlv.: Engin Pece
Nachwuchsleiter: Ümit Tiytili
Nachwuchsleiter Stvl.: Rafael Wagner
Kommunikation & Marketing: Ines Gavric
Event Management: Martin Wegmann
Sponsoring: Gerald Pinzger

Wir sagen, Vielen Dank, liebe ehemalige Vorstandsmitglieder und viel Erfolg neuer Vorstand! Auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit 🙌

 23.05.2024 Kampfmannschaft

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 09-42-08 SV Reutte Fußball (_sv_schweiger_reutte) • Instagram-Fot


Landesliga West - 24. Runde
Drei-Tannen Stadion Reutte

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SV Haiming.png

Dienstag 18.06.2024
20:00 Uhr


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SV Schweiger Reutte

We look back on 100 years of football in Reutte with pride and joy, respect and thanks. We look back with pride and joy not only on the sporting success of the individual teams, but also on the friendships and comradely connections that have emerged over these years and some have existed for decades.With respect and thanks for the voluntary work and the excellent work of the many men and women in the background who make football games possible in an amateur club. The tasks of a football department and its employees do not end with the final whistle of the Referee or on the sidelines of the sports field, but they include more and more important social and educational tasks beyond the sporting business. For the future, we wish the football department not only sporting success, but what is just as important, always many loyal and reliable helpers like me had and have that de n there is no doubt that the team spirit among the officials and players in the department is maintained, so that nothing stands in the way of the next 100 years

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