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Our offspring


Our philosophy is always the basis for everything we do. All action should take place within the framework of this jointly defined concept. The youth work is to be consolidated anew and ensure that our youth players are prepared as best as possible for their entry into adult football. Our concept not only stands for a game idea, but also for the work, the time and the thoughts that are invested in ensuring that a team is perceived by outsiders as a “classic” SV Reutte team. As a club, we are faced with the difficult task of teaching children and young people, in addition to the various other employment opportunities, football as the best leisure activity. The Reutte district has a limited number of potential players. This makes it all the more difficult to find sufficient quality here. Our approach must therefore not only be qualitative, but also quantitative. This concept sees his work not only in part of the club, but holistically in all aspects of the SV Reutte football branch.

Code of Conduct

SV Schweiger Reutte attaches great importance to imparting and promoting social skills. They contribute to a respectful coexistence - both in our club family and towards our opponents. We want to be role models when it comes to respecting people, regardless of their origin, their appearance, their religion and their abilities.

We show zero tolerance towards racism and any form of discrimination, but instead stand up for coexistence in football and our society. We therefore see our training not only from a footballing perspective, but also place a great focus on the positive personal development of our players.

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